Interested in a Hot Air Balloon Pilot job in Australia?

The first thing that hot air balloon Australia can advise for anyone wanting to learn to be a balloon pilot and gain a hot air balloon pilot job anywhere in Australia, is patience. As the quickest time possible to be qualified as a balloon pilot for any hot air balloon company in Australia, is three years, minimum.

It is possible to train to fly a private hot air balloon in a far shorter time. And yes there are a small number of highly experienced balloon pilots that offer that service. But please know, amateur balloon pilots with any flight experience, are still required to log the essential flight hours in various sized commercial hot air balloons. They are required to do that under full instruction of commercial balloon instructors, which takes three years.

Regulation of balloon pilot training in Australia

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority which is the official regulator for the Australian government of the hot air balloon industry in Australia. CASA conducts all testing and licensing. There are no shorter training options to learn to be a commercial hot air balloon pilot. There are no shorter training options to get a hot air balloon pilot job in Australia.

Hot Air Balloon pilot job planning

Of course, learning to be a hot air balloon pilot in Australia is subject to weather and seasonal conditions. All training balloon rides are conducted at sunrise and balloon pilot training will also incorporate ground crew training. The opportunity to learn often becomes available to full time staff. So those that have worked with an Australian hot air balloon team for some time, in other balloon operational roles.

Lastly, when training to learn to be a hot air balloon pilot, the majority of ballooning jobs are outside major Australian cities. So when planning consider that training opportunities will often involve living in regional Australia. The Australian ballooning industry is well regarded world wide for the quality of it’s training of hot air balloon pilots. Anyone keen to pursue the chance to be a hot air balloon pilot and work diligently towards it, has many wonderful mornings ahead, after qualifying.