Hot Air Balloon Festival Australia

The weather in Australia is very well suited to ballooning festivals. Due to the popularity of hot air balloon rides here, available daily by Australian ballooning businesses, festivals happen irregularly, mostly because of the huge volunteer efforts required for non commercial balloon festivals.

Most Established Hot Air Balloon Festival in Australia

The most established hot air balloon festival Australia is held annually in Canberra, which is part of the Enlighten Canberra event in March each year. The Canberra Balloon Spectacular sometimes has balloon inflation only, balloon viewing at surnise and buy breakfast from the local fundraiser or choose to book a ride during the festival with the authorised balloon ride operator, Dawn Drifters. All of these events are weather dependent, so we suggest going along in the first three days and if the event changes, there are another three to five days afterwards to try again.

The biggest fleet of hot air balloons that visitors can actually fly with daily, are located in Cairns, with guaranteed takeoffs due to the wonderful weather in northern Australia. To experience the atmosphere of a hot air balloon festival Australia, plan ahead to fly during the Christmas holidays or during Cairns Hot Air Balloon Chinese New Year or during the month of October.

The World Hot Air Balloon Championships were held in Australia in 2004, in country Victoria, in Mildura. Floating over one of Australia’s major food and wine growing districts, the event was very successful but due to the distance from Australian capital cities, unfortunately balloon rides are no longer available in Mildura.

A four hour drive west of Sydney, the Canowindra Challenge happens, next scheduled for April 2017, where ten to eighteen private balloons of all shapes and colours, take off. Flying over the New South Wales countryside, the festival here, gives members of the Australian Balloon Federation and other balloon owners, the chance for a weekend of fun. Dont forget too, on a smaller scale but just as much fun, the Balloon Association of Victoria‘s 24th Annual Fund Flying Weekend each July.